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BargainButton: Get offers, not leads

zzDF 2014:
BargainButton™ is the only Interactive Offer System™ on the web today.

When you click the BargainButton™, you are taken to a dealer-customizable online application that encourages your visitors to interact with your website as though they were already on your sales floor. With the BargainButton™, you know:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • How much they are willing to pay


The internet is no longer a “new” technology. Many of today’s car buyers grew up on the internet. They’ve never opened a phone book. They DVR their favorite shows on TV and fast forward through the commercials. And who needs radio when you have an iPod?

These potential customers use the internet as their primary source of information on everything. They have spent the past two decades learning how to search the internet effectively, and when they come to your website, they have only two questions:

“Do you have what i am looking for?”

“How much does it cost?”

They don’t just prefer to obtain the answers to these questions from your website; they expect it. And they expect to be able to do so with a minimum of intrusion from you. If you don’t provide this information, they will simply go to your competitors to get it.

Can you honestly say that you exceed your customers’ expectations if you don’t give them what they expect?

What if you could exchange the information they want for the information you need?

Now you can!

Get offers, not leads

Meet the internet users who never send you quote requests, the lurkers who won’t give you a chance to tell your story. They remain hidden because you haven’t given them a reason to come out of hiding.

The BargainButton™ is an Interactive Offer System™ that plugs directly into your website and turns these silent shoppers into active, qualified contacts.

Using the BargainButton is easy!

  • Just set the hidden BargainButton Pricing Threshold on every vehicle in your inventory.
  • Users browse your inventory to find the vehicle they are interested in.
  • Using the BargainButton, they enter their contact information in order to make offers on that vehicle until they meet or exceed your minimum price.

Now you know who they are, what they want and how much they’ll pay.

Now they know you have what they are looking for and how much it will cost.

Make the exchange and grow your business!

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