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Make the most of your website with DealerCare

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Does your website look and feel like every other dealer website?

Do you think it's too complicated or time-consuming to update your site regularly? With our DealerCare™ package, you get:

  • Eye-catching graphics with strong call-to-action messages
  • Regular, site-wide maintenance and fresh content updates
  • Robust lead tracking


More than Yellow Page listings or newspaper, radio and TV ads, your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have. Are you making the most of it? Whether you use the Driving Force website solution or a website made by one of our competitors, we can optimize your site by:

  • Creating attention-grabbing graphics and Flash animations to enhance your home page
  • Updating your vehicle, parts and service specials regularly
  • Incorporating unique call-to-action features, such as the BargainButton™ and the Super Form
  • Integrating your favorite 3rd party features, such as Contact-At-Once, BlackBook Online, or CarFax
  • Fine-tuning your HTML and body text to optimize search engine performance
  • Creating custom landing pages to highlight manufacturer incentives, new vehicles, dealership promotions, and unique services

Do you stand out?

Take a good look at your current website. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Now that you’ve spent some time reviewing the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your website look like every other dealer website? Can your customers distinguish you from the competition?
  • Are your home page and site navigation cluttered and confusing?
  • Are your specials out of date? Do you even have specials for every department?
  • Are phone numbers, operating hours, and staff information correct and up-to-date?
  • Are current incentives and promotions added to your site in a timely fashion?
  • Can customers use your site to easily find the information they need, or the person they wish to talk to?
  • Are you certain that all the leads generated by your site go where they need to go? Are they in the best format for your lead management system? Have you tested this?
  • Does your site make it easy for customers to talk to you?

We are your help desk

When you need to make changes to your websites, need tech support or have any problems with any aspect of your internet marketing efforts, just call us. We are the only support number you need. We know the tools intimately, and we know the processes and needs involved in the maintenance of a successful .com dealership. We keep your internet marketing plan running smoothly, so you can concentrate on selling cars.

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