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Mystery Shopping Analytics

Multi-point Grading System

Our new grading system, for dealer groups, is based on a series of objective tests that you can use to compare performance among dealers in your group.

The metrics are flexible, and can be modified to fit your group's standards. Zero in on focus areas that are important to your market. Add more weight to the metrics that matter the most.

We provide you with a clear numerical score that lets you see exactly how your dealers stack up against each other.

Upgrade your group to Mystery Shopping's multi-point grading system today!

Metrics Performance Breakdown

You can view the single-shop performance of each dealer in your group for every metric. First automated and personal response times are recorded, as are phone responses, phone and email follow-ups, along with any user-customizable metrics you need to evaluate how well your sales teams are executing your market strategy.

Each metric is color-coded for easy identification throughout the report, and composite reports are available that show you the top and bottom scorers for each shop/metric, allowing you to evaluate your group's strengths and weaknesses objectively.

Metrics Performance Timeline

The metrics timeline allows you to evaluate performance for each dealer in your group over a period of time. Each shop in the timeline is archived and available for printing or viewing. You can isolate metrics, or view them together in order to understand how the different parts of your strategy work together.

The timeline also lets you see how your sales staff have improved over time, which parts of your strategy result in the strongest or most meaningful message, and which parts just aren't working. By comparing these metrics together over time, you are better equipped to formulate a more effective sales communications. These powerful analytical tools also help you adapt your marketing efforts to changes in the market, as they happen.

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