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Product Cost ($)
Base dealer platform 695/mo
DealerCare (2 pg/mo, specials maintenance, staff, lead routing, etc) 300/mo
Banners / graphical marketing package (unlimited home page and seo banners) 300/mo
Automated incentives and rebates (non-feed based) 150/mo
Inventory data overlays (color-matched photo, stock photos, data normalization) 100/mo
Blog package (4 posts/mo) 300/mo
Automated inventory update to social media 100/mo
Deep-linking SEO with custom search, navigation, and details pages 100/mo
Monthly keyword tuning 350/mo
RouteOne credit submission 50/mo
BargainButton (in-site) 100/mo
BargainButton (3rd party site) 495/mo
Launch fee 1 mo.
Pay-per-click campaign management 18% of budget
Campaign coupon and media package 60/placement
Mystery Shopping report 50/store

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