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  • Should your blog be integrated into your website or separate?

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    Should you disconnect your blog from your website? Or would they provide more value together?

    Visitor benefits

    • A quality article (blog post) is a really good way for site visitors to better know your company and demonstrate your knowledge of their needs.
    • Most internet users fully expect to find a company blog on your website and would be less satisfied if they don’t.
    • An integrated blog offers the opportunity for a more comprehensive user/visitor  experience.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits

    • Any external links to your blog articles will add directly to your website’s overall SEO muscle because those links are pointing to your primary domain.  This helps every one of your website pages rank higher in search results.
    • Google loves content-rich authority sites, so by having more relevant content pages on your sit, this will also help the entire site rank better.

    Dealership benefits

    • Having a blog on your company website helps position you as an industry and market leader, not just another dealership trying to sell a car.
    • Visitors who find your blog post will already be on your company website, that much closer to a conversion.
    • It’s more efficient to build and maintain a single website.
    • It’s more efficient to establish and promote a single brand.

    Here is a list of questions we ask our clients who are considering developing a separate blog site.

    • Is the subject matter of the new site considerably different from your main brand or message?
                      The answer to this should be yes.  If your just reposting duplicate content from your main site,                        the factory site or that of any other industry related site, the effort will not provide the                                    SEO affect you are looking for.  It must be truly unique content.
    • Is the “voice” of the existing site inappropriate for the new content?  

                     The answer to this question should be why.  The content in your blog should be complimentary                      to your main site.

    • Does your current website technology not support a blog?

                      If no, you should consider another provider.

    If your goal is to enhance your main website’s SEO authority, clearly the better way to do this is with an integrated blog.

    A few years ago that was not the case.  It used to be that you could build any number of separate web sites, point their links at your main website, and successfully increase your main website’s SEO authority and thus search rankings.

    Not today.

    For understandable reasons, Google is not fond of artificial link building.  It does not benefit Google’s customers.  Google users want to see the best, most relevant websites.  Not websites that SEO specialists have created to gain rankings.

    Bottom Line,  Google is smarter than that and is discounting such websites as linking schemes.  Google ranks low value for multiple links from the same site.  Google ranks low value for from low value sites.

    In other words, getting a single link each from a handful of trusted 3rd party authority sites will be more valuable to your website’s SEO strength than getting hundreds or even thousands of links from low-value sites.

    You could spend the time and effort to build quality backlinks to your blog website so that its links, in turn, pass more value to your main website.  But the basic idea of sending any visitor off your main site just to get them back is absurd.  By making the blog part of your primary website, any connections that it gains will more effectively increase the SEO value of your main website.

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