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  • Why Dealerships need customized websites

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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    Every dealership has its own character and that should be reflected in its website. Using a generic website template will make your business look sterile and disengaged from your internet customers. Try to present your ideas to web designers and find ways to incorporate your dealership’s character into the design of your website. Putting a human touch to your website will make your dealership feel more approachable to customers, and lower the barrier to contact.

    Stand out from competition

    Why would you want your website to look exactly like the competition? If you think your customers will not notice a generic website then you are wrong. According to a survey conducted by J.D. Power,  an average shopper visits 3.3 dealerships online before even visiting a brick and mortar store. If your website looks similar to your competitor in the same local market, then you lose your edge. And If you and your competitor are both relying on your factory site, then a customer may not be able to tell you apart at all!


    It is very important that your website and your physical dealership look similar, both in style and in content. That makes your dealership easily recognizable by the shoppers, and gives customers an image to associate with your dealership, specifically. Using same logo, font, tagline, color schemes in all marketing efforts in a consistent manner will help increase the brand value of the dealership.

    SEO Benefit

    Customized websites will have unique content and structure that benefits SEO immensely. Google, Bing and Yahoo! all penalize duplicate content, so it is vitally important that your website is free of boilerplate text, stock photography, and generic landing pages. If your competitor’s website is stuffed full of copied-and-pasted text from the manufacturer’s website, but you’ve got high quality content that speaks to your community, you will have the edge in search engine placement.


    Website templates can never offer the level of flexibility that you can achieve with a custom website. Custom websites allow you to be a part of your community in a truly meaningful way. With a custom website, you’re able to implement sales campaigns, charitable efforts, and local events broadly throughout the website, using a variety of multimedia like slideshows, banners, buttons and video that can capture a user’s attention and remind them not just of what you are, but who you are.

    Design Checklist

    • What is your real profit center, and are you giving enough priority to that in the design?

    • What is average age of customers who visit your website? The answer to this question will help you choose between a stunning contemporary design, or a simple, design with high usability. The average age of visitors to your site can be found by using Google Analytics.

    • Do you consider the popular ethnicities in your region and incorporate their culture into your web design and content? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a huge part of your local market.

    • Do you show your mission statement on your website? Do you show all the awards or any accolades you have received? These things help to develop trust with buyers.

    • Are customer testimonials highlighted on your website? Testimonials from satisfied customers in your area  are a powerful way for you to connect with your local market on a deeper level.

    Research Findings

    According to a research conducted by Infosys

    • 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on purchasing.

    • 90% of retailers believe consistency across their brand’s engagement points has an effect on customer’s loyalty.

    First Impressions are Everything

    The first impression is always the most important impression, and your customer’s first impression of you is probably going to be your website. Using a generic website template leaves customers with a monotonous impression of you and your dealership. A little personalization and local flair will go a long way to making you stand out against the noise in the background of your market.

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