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Founded in 2003, Driving Force Marketing is a comprehensive design and web services company that is dedicated to providing our automobile dealer clients with unique, functional and user-friendly web sites and services designed to maximize traffic, increase sales, and distinguish our clients from their competition.  Our chief focus is setting our Dealer clients apart from their competition.  We are innovation and results driven.  In our boutique shop spirit, we strive to provide the highest possible level of communication and collaboration with our dealers.  Our mission is to provide Best In Class software that is always on the cutting edge of smart online marketing.

Usability, search engine results and customer support are the Driving Force in our design principles.

Usability is critical for a Dealership website to achieve its full potential.  Usability is a non-negotiable requirement for an online store to achieve its full potential.  Ease of navigation, highly visible contact information, visible search fields, minimized clicks, security, calls to action and relevant promotional content are all critical components to a satisfied visit.  Usability is essential for a Dealership website and since a happy customer will most likely return, making the experience as good as possible must be one of the main objectives. 

Search engine optimization should never be an added service.  If basic SEO is not native to a dealership website, then the website is built wrong!  Driving Force websites are built based on the guidelines, rules and recommendations given by the major search engines.  The functional design of our site's SEO architecture is second to none. Driving Force websites index more pages and get more general and complex search query results in more markets that you serve.

DealerCare is a specialized division of Driving Force whose purpose is to provide superior support.  We proactively maintain our dealer’s web sites.  We don’t understand why the majority of dealer platforms require the dealer to keep their site updated.  Unfortunately this does not always happen, because selling a car gets in the way.  Ultimately opportunity and success are diminished because of this. Let us do what we do best which is maintain, optimize and care for your web site.  Freeing you up to do what you do best, which is sell cars.  We are your internet department!

Meet Our Staff

Joshua Stevenson

Joshua Stevenson force conductor

Kishore Marella

Kishore Marella Code, code, code

Gary Petty

Gary Petty UI/UX design

Chelsea Lovett

Chelsea Lovett Customer Support

Max Stevenson

Max Stevenson Business Development

Jaya Manduva

Jaya Manduva Support, Office Manager

Madhuri Avula

Madhuri Avula Software Developer

Naresh Koganti

Naresh Koganti Senior Software Developer

Sailesh Munagala

Sailesh Munagala Software Developer

Sandeep Sikhinam

Sandeep Sikhinam Software Developer

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